Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Welcome back to the morning spoiler zone. One Lost star has made some dire predictions about the life expectancy of his/her character. We've dredged up new details about Iron Man and Batman: The Dark Knight. Some new photos could hint at a major plot twist in X-Files 2, and another set of photos shows off the villains from December's Doctor Who Christmas special. And there are also some new hints about Heroes season three. The spoilers begin right here.

X-Files 2:

Here are some new promo stills from July's X-Files sequel. You can just glimpse a clipping behind Mulder that says something about a Frankenstein doctor.


Iron Man:

Professor Yin Sen, the Vietnamese scientist who helps Iron Man create his armor, is now played by Shaun Tolb, who also appears in The Kite Runner. Tolb says he appears in about 30 minutes of the movie, saves Iron Man's life and sends him on his journey. [Superhero Flix]


Batman: The Dark Knight.

That scene showing Heath Ledger in a body-bag won't be cut from the theatrical release of Batman: The Dark Knight, as some had speculated. [MovieHole]



Here are the titles of the first four episodes of Heroes season three: "The Butterfly Effect," "Dreamtime," "One Of Us, One Of Them," and "The Year Of Our Lord." So, just reading between the lines here, we'll see some philosophizing about how you can't step on a butterfly without changing the course of history. And that wise Aborigine storyteller we're told is joining the cast will take us on a spiritual journey in the second episode. Or maybe I'm reading too much into those titles. In any case, the first two episodes are written by Tim Kring. [Heroes Television]



In the first Lost episode back, we'll quickly learn the identity of the Rousseau and Karl snipers. The body that washes ashore in the episode is that of Doc Ray, from the freighter, and the body itself isn't as significant as what it implies. Meanwhile, we'll soon discover more about how the Island has a "pull" on people, even after they leave it. And there are more hints that Claire may not have much longer to live. [Spoilers Lost]


The second episode of Lost after the break involves Kate and Juliet teaming up to save Jack, whose "health is severely compromised." Meanwhile, Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles head back to the beach, and then "something goes wrong." It appears this episode may be a Jack-centric flash-forward after all, since they were filming those scenes of FutureJack visiting Hurley in the mental hospital. [Fan Forum]

In upcoming episodes of Lost, Desmond stays on the freighter, where there are more shenanigans, says actor Henry Ian Cusick. And the actor has a strong feeling that Desmond is not going to make it out of the show alive. [Doc Arzt]


And here's a promo for the next episode:

Doctor Who:

Remember Friday's spoiler about the Doctor Who Christmas special featuring Cybermen in a Victorian graveyard? Here are a couple more pictures of the shooting. [South Argus and AltNation]


And here's the synopsis for the upcoming "Planet of the Ood": "The Doctor takes Donna far into the future, to her first alien world. But on the planet Ood-Sphere, they discover terrible truths about the Human Race. As the enslaved Ood struggle for survival, a secret buried for 200 years threatens to rise up and engulf them all." [Bad Wolf PR]

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