Who's Going To Drive You Home Tonight? Your Dead Boyfriend! [NSFW]

There's never been a weirder mix of teen sex comedy/romance and cyborg revenge/horror than 1986's The Wraith... as you can see from this trippy scene featuring Charlie Sheen and Sherilyn Fenn. Warning: NSFW. Spoilers below.

As near as I can figure out after watching the whole ultra-confusing movie, Fenn's character, Kerri, was dating a guy named Jamie. But a scumbag named Pack (Nick Cassavetes, sporting half a facial expression) wanted Kerri for himself, so when he found Kerri and Jamie in bed together, he murdered Jamie. Now Jamie has come back from the dead as Charlie Sheen, which is a huge improvement. And when he's not romancing Kerri all over again, he's killing off Pack's gang of punk-rock road warriors one by one, dressed in a weirdly busty motorcycle-rider outfit and driving a supercar that can turn into shooting stars and stuff.

Sadly, the scenes of car-fu and mayhem aren't nearly as weird or fascinating as this scene between Sheen and Fenn, which shows just how many genres this movie is trying to shoehorn into one film. It lurches between teen romance and horror, without any shock absorbers - reliving his own murder seems to get Sheen in the mood for nookie. And the dialogue seems like it's supposed to be arty, like "Last night, I dreamed the Man in the Moon was laughing at me." "He laughs all the time, did you notice?" It's like Pinter on steroids! If the Mad Max-ish car battles were less boring, this would be an instant classic.


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Ed Grabianowski

My god, the chemistry between them! It's like mixing argon and helium!