Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Plus important beard speculation for Luke Skywalker! The Hunger Games continues its viral world building through a website for the rebels. The barest of details for this year's Doctor Who Christmas special. Plus, Kyle MacLachlan's Agent of SHIELD character revealed! Spoilers now!

Top image: Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Star Wars

The latest rumors claim that Oscar Isaac's character has the Millennium Falcon in Episode VII, with Han Solo and Chewbacca no longer flying the ship. The other bit of speculation, courtesy of Latino Review, is that Mark Hamill's beard isn't neat enough (neat as clean, not neat as in cool) to be a proper Jedi beard. That, coupled with the rumors that Luke has been missing at the start of Episode VII, could mean that Luke's a prisoner of some sort.


Mark Hamill and J.J. Abrams have both been spotted on Skellig Michael Island off the South Kerry coast, so that could be standing in for whatever world is holding Luke. At that location, character names have the codes "OW" and "K," with "K" maybe standing in for "Kira," the purported name of Daisy Ridley's character. Latino Review speculates "OW" standing for "Old Wizard," which was how Obi-Wan Kenobi was described in A New Hope, so that could also be Luke. [Latino Review]

/Film has an excellent run down of all things Star Wars. First up the report from Deadline, which, in an article about Ridley's representation, contains this: "the plan is for her carry through to the second and third films that will be directed by Looper helmer Rian Johnson."


Supporting the idea that the next film will use a lot of practical effects, JediNews notes that puppeteer named Roman Bloodworth was recently added to the IMDb page for Star Wars Episode VII, playing the creature Buboicullaar from Jabba's palace in Return of the Jedi. As IMDb is easily manipulated, that could of course be a joke. More tidbits at the link. [/Film]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Megan Fox spoke a little about how the turtles were portrayed on set:

When we were doing 'Transformers,' Shia [LaBeouf] and I were just screaming things at the sky. We had no references at all, at that point, because how can you when you're dealing with 30-foot robots? But with this one, we had four actors that were really, in what I consider a stroke of genius, cast by Jonathan [Liebesman] because they were perfect for their roles and really embodied them. When you're doing movies like this, you do the scene with the actors, and then you have to do a clean plate without the actors there, so that if they want to use that shot, they don't have to paint them out before they paint the Turtles in. And inevitably, in every single one of those, I was always significantly worse when the actors weren't with me. Because they were so good, they helped make me a lot better, so whenever you have the opportunity to work with real people, that's always helpful.


She also talked about how the role of Michelangelo (her favorite character) evolved:

During shooting, we played around with that. There was a Raphael/April connection, and then it turned into a Michelangelo thing. That's totally up his alley. That's who he is: Mikey's always been girl crazy! That's his personality. I'm happy that it turned out that way. Also, Noel [Fisher], the kid who plays him, is a really talented actor. He steals the movie. In my opinion, it's Mikey's movie.


[ Comic Book Resources]

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Filming's wrapped, according to Joss Whedon's twitter:


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Here are two hi-res images from the film:



Here's a poster. [Coming Soon]


Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

A new viral website, this time one belonging to the rebels rather than the Capitol, can be found at And go here for more character posters from the wasteland of District 13. [Coming Soon]



Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Here's a poster featuring Alexa Penavega as Gilda, posted to Robert Rodriguez's twitter. [via Comic Book Resources]


True Blood

Gregg Daniel, who plays Reverend Daniels, spoke about the relationship between his character and Lettie Mae:

I think Reverend Daniels loves Lettie Mae fiercely and is trying to do everything in his power to protect her and keep her safe. We know Lettie Mae has had substance abuse issues. Still, Daniels is not giving up on the two of them having a happy life together. I also believe Lettie Mae is sincerely trying to get her act together and remain in this marriage. Daniels' to some degree has given her life new meaning as she has his. I believe they're going to be happy but I guess you could call me sentimental.


[My Fanbase]

Here are photos from episode 7.08, "Almost Home." [SpoilerTV]



Doctor Who

Not totally surprising, but it at least confirms that nothing happens to either of them before then: Steven Moffat confirmed that Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi would both be in the Christmas special, which will start filming after the World Tour. [Doctor Who TV]


We're also going to be getting more online content with the new season. Said Moffat to SFX magazine:

I think we now have to accept that online stuff isn't a spin-off anymore. We used to treat it as a spin-off that maybe some people would watch.


It was the Pond Life series that made Moffat realize the effect of the online content. He said it had "an audience of over six million," and "you think, 'Oh wait, that's a TV show!' That's just a TV show and a lot of our audience make no distinction between that and the TV show." [Digital Spy]

Once Upon a Time

Along with a new look at Elsa and Anna, TV Guide also reveals that the start of the Frozen storyline in the show will have Anna and Kristoff planning their wedding. [TV Guide]



The CW show's recasting has added Aly Michalka as Peyton, roommate to protagonist Liv, the med student-turned-zombie. Michalka replaces Alexandra Krosney, who played Peyton in the pilot. [TV Line]


Agents of SHIELD

We have more details about Kyle MacLahchlan's character, who we originally had identified as "The Doctor." That turned out to be a code for Skye's father, who we saw only as a hand of at the end of season 1. [TV Line]


The 100

In addition to saying that Clarke will be doing whatever she can to find her people and escape Mount Weather, Eliza Taylor revealed how Clarke will be different in season 2:

A lot more of the same. She's just getting darker and darker and what I love about what's happening throughout the series, of going from being a prisoner to becoming this fearless leader and then being a prisoner again, since the last time we saw her it came full circle. She's back in this position of being helpless and a prisoner. You can expect her to use some of the skills she's picked up outside to fight as hard as she can to get out.


[Zap 2 It]


Here are a pair of trailers:


Here's a video featuring the cast, from TV Guide:

The Flash

Here's a promo video. [via Comic Book Resources]

There are set photos of Wentworth Miller on set as Captain Cold. More at the link. [Just Jared]


Witches of East End

Here are more photos from episode 2.06, "When a Mandagora Loves a Woman." [SpoilerTV]


Under the Dome

Go here for more photos from episode 2.08, "Awakening." [SpoilerTV]



Episode 10.01 will be called "Black" and episode 10.02 will be called "Reichenbach." [SpoilerTV]


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