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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's spoilers include a mysterious tower from Christopher Nolan's Inception and the (ambiguous) death of a major Lost star. Plus telltale pics from Dollhouse, Repo Men, Battle: Los Angeles and Doctor Who. Also: Swamp Thing, Elm St., Lobo and Chuck.


Here's a giant concrete building in Alberta that 40 construction workers and carpenters spent three months building for the filming of this Christopher Nolan mindfreak saga.[Calgary Herald]

Illustration for article titled Whos Back On Dollhouse, Whos Dying On Lost, And Whats That Giant Fortress In Inception?


Here's a new fairy-tale-themed trailer. (Still with no new footage.)

One of these things is going to happen early in the final season: Sayid kills Jack, or Sayid dies. (I'm guessing it's Sayid dies, but only in one of the two timelines, meaning we still get alternate-universe Sayid.) [E! Online]

Josh Holloway hints we'll see Sawyer try and track down his daughter Clementine, in the universe where Sawyer's off the island. "That's something I would like to see. Even if they don't meet, his intention to meet her would be important to me. To see him off the island with her name and address on a piece of paper." [TV Guide Magazine]


Doctor Who:

Here are some pics from the scene you've already seen, featuring June Whitfield grabbing the Doctor's butt. [BlogtorWho]


Repo Men:

Here's a new still and a new poster from this artiforg-repo movie. [IGN]

Battle: Los Angeles:

We already featured a slew of set pics from this movie, but here's a pic of Aaron Eckhart in his uniform. [Jonathan Hoff on Flickr via Slashfilm]


Swamp Thing:

Producer Joel Silver says he's hoping to make this film soon — in 3-D — but don't hold your breath for Wonder Woman. [MTV]



This is another movie that Silver is hoping to get done soon — but rumored director Guy Ritchie says it's definitely not a done deal that he's directing it. [MTV]


Nightmare On Elm St.:

Is this movie in trouble, or just being fastidious? A second round of reshoots is happening, including a funeral scene that required extras to portray mourners. [Cinemablend]



Wondering who's back in the third-to-last and second-to-last episodes? Just about everybody, judging from these new pics. [SpoilerTV]



Here are a few clips from the season opener, "Chuck Vs. The Pink Slip". [Yvonne Strahovski Fansite]


Here are summaries of the first three episodes:

Chuck Vs. The Pink Slip/Chuck Vs. The Three Words: Chuck flunks out of spy school and loses Sarah; Morgan tries to help Chuck get over Sarah; Chuck tries to talk to Sarah about their relationship.

Chuck Versus the Angel of Death: Chuck must protect a visiting dictator from an assassination threat; Awesome is excited about the idea of being a spy



And here are some new cast interviews and snippets:



Here's the official synopsis for the Jan. 11 episode, "Close To You":

H.R.G. exposes Samuel's biggest weakness in an attempt to take him down; Ando and Hiro try to save Dr. Suresh.



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