Whoopi Goldberg Wigs Out, And A Teddy Bear Wants Your Soul

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This week's Life On Mars is pulling in the big celebrity cameos: one Ms. Goldberg and one massive wig. Also, Supernatural employs the use of a real-live teddy bear to up the pre-sweeps week stakes. Click through for clips from this week's episodes of Sarah Connor, Supernatural and Smallville.Monday: What fool would rob Sarah Connor's house? This week, meet the idiot and enjoy the sudden and awful pain that Ms. Connor is sure to inflict on the cat burglar in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' "Brothers of Nablus" on Fox at 8 PM. SCC Promo:

SCC Clip:

Discover the inner joys of Anime underground dwellings inhabited by hottie ladies with thigh-high get-ups, on Gurren Lagann on the Sci Fi Channel on 11 PM. No Chuck this week. No Heroes this Week. Movies: Blow crap up and be a bad ass with Vin Diesel in xXx, about a bald criminal-turned-super agent who likes to wear really big coats on FX at at 7 PM. Tuesday: No Fringe this week. Movies: Tom Hanks meets a giant man on death row who can heal UTI with the mere grab of a crotch, in Stephen King's The Green Mile at 7 PM on FX. Wednesday: Oooh now it's personal, there's a murder at Knight Industries and it's up to Mike Tracer to find out who killed the techie. Knight Rider is on NBC 8 PM. UFO Hunters looks into the official police investigations of UFO claims in Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. Chase down the fires in the sky on the History Channel at 10 PM.

Thursday: Ah, the hottie boys of Supernatural find a real life wishing well that brings teddy bears to life... must have been a slow week. "Wishful Thinking" is on the CW at 9 PM. Supernatural Clip:

Supernatural Promo:

The Arctic Crystal is back and brings Clark face to face with his cuz. Kara and Clark are all trapped in some creepy new land while Lois gets some superpowers. Smallville is on the CW at 8 PM. "Bloodline" Smallville Promo:

Smallville Clips:

This week on Life On Mars, a terrible hate crime stirs up the black and Puerto Rican communities in New York, in the 70s. Now it's up to the time traveling cop Sam to set things straight on ABC at 10 pm. Oh and Whoopie Goldburg dons a big ol' wig for a cameo. And says the word "Funkafied." Life On Mars Promo:

Hood has to go all the way to Pittsburgh to uncover the secrets behind a lethal virus, and he's gotta find the antidote before it spreads across the world killing everyone. Eleventh Hour's "Containment" episode is on CBS at 10 PM. Movies: Have you not heard? Flu Bird is the word, at least on the Sci Fi Channel. Get your sick-bird fill when flocks of ill feathered friends begin to attack humans in a Sci Fi Original on at 9 PM. Friday: Star Wars: The Clone Wars this week is the first of a two-parter called "Downfall of a Droid" where Anakin is on the hunt for his lost droid R2-D2 after the Separatists find him and want to hack into all of his secrets. Clone Wars is on Cartoon Network at 9 PM. Clone Wars Promo:

Michael is back and still jonesing for Tey-tey's infant. Looks like we may have a show down in Atlantian territory, but if it makes Teyla show some sort of personality than I say go for it. Stargate Atlantis is on at 9 PM in the Sci Fi Channel. Stargate Atlantis' "The Prodigal" Promo:

Saturday: Movies: Get creepy and kooky with everyone's favorite weird family. Addams Family Values is on ABC Family at 6 PM. Sick of the back and forth fall weather? Snuggle up to a really cold monsters in a collection of Sci Fi Channels. Abominable at 5 PM, Ice Spiders at 7 PM and Yeti at 9 PM. Sunday: Sam reveals his big "secret" to Sookie, this week on True Blood, who may or may not be understanding in this week's episode called "I Don't Wanna Know." Also Bill has to pay for all his sexy vampire crimes against his fellow fang babies. True Blood is 9 PM on HBO. Round Up Of Last Few Episodes Of True Blood:

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