Someone has created an entirely silent 38 minute fan storyboard for an X-Men movie. To put it simply, this is art. And now we want you guys to help bring it across the finish line.

Created by Sam Wan, this X-Men 3D storyboard is a rough cut for a much bigger fan film. Officially titled X-MEN: X-Cutioner's Song, this 39 minute silent storyboard has just about every mutant you can shake a stick at. In excellent versions of the classic uniforms, and showcasing their comic book powers. The whole things starts at a celebratory peace concert (hosted by Metallica, naturally).


Professor X is on the stage with Metallica and then our beloved X-Men are brutally attacked by Cable! But maybe that's not Cable after all? WATCH:

We call upon you, internet, to score this epic mutant story. Please use your powers for good and find away to get X-MEN X-Cutioner's Song voices, sound effects and music! This epic must not live forever with just silent cries of mutant agony. However, the silent screams are pretty fantastic.


Thank you to Chris Person for passing this along to us, and for these amazing Gifs that will live in our hearts forever.