It may not be quite fit for a king yet, but this playhouse-sized castle was entirely 3D printed using a custom-built printer and loads of concrete. And it means we could see an attempt at a livable, entirely 3D-printed home in the near future.

Andrey Rudenko spent two years from conception to final product created his printed castle, made from layer after layer of 10-mm high by 30-mm wide concrete. What's interesting is how few components the castle is made from, although Rudenko says that there were definite drawbacks to printing the turrets separately; for one thing, lifting the concrete turrets atop the walls was quite difficult.


Rudenko's next project is to try and print "a real full-scale livable house," and he is looking for software engineers, designers, and architects to collaborate with on the project—not to mention someone with the land for a large project like this.

You can see the house printer in action below, and if you want to see more photos from the project—and follow Rudenko's future work—at his website.

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