Whoa! The Matrix Will Celebrate 20 Years With Special Anniversary Screenings

A crop of the 20th anniversary poster for The Matrix
Image: Warner Bros.

It’s hard to believe The Matrix is 20 years old—aside from some late-1990s stylistic choices and its reliance on the ready availability of landlines, it somehow still feels futuristic. Soon, you’ll be able to revisit it on the big screen when the Wachowskis’ visually inventive cyber-thriller returns to theaters.

Aside from the fact that The Matrix genuinely holds up, the timing couldn’t be more serendipitous, what with the current Keanu Reeves renaissance (although, did he ever really leave us?) and the persistent but totally unconfirmed (and totally fun to think about) rumors that the Wachowskis might bring the series back one of these days.


Whatever comes of that, what we do know for certain is that the 20th anniversary will see The Matrix looking and sounding better than ever before; as Entertainment Weekly reports, the special engagement “can be experienced in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos at more than 135 Dolby Cinema AMC locations” for a week starting August 30.

Warner Bros. also released a special poster and teaser, via Entertainment Weekly, hyping The Matrix’s 20th anniversary. (Please join me in wondering why Carrie-Anne Moss’ face is prominently featured on the poster alongside Reeves and Laurence Fishburne, but her name is completely missing.)

Get out your shiny trench coat, take the red pill, limber up for bullet time, and definitely answer that ringing pay phone when The Matrix makes its week-long return starting August 30; check out theater locations and snag tickets here or here.


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