Who Would Be The Most Science Fictional President?

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It's Super Tuesday! No, that doesn't mean you're going to get bathed in cosmic radiation and gain super-strength and diamond skin. (At least, not necessarily.) Rather, if you live in one of a bunch of states, you'll be choosing your party's presidential candidate. When you make that momentous choice, the most important question to ask is, which president would be the most science fictional? We've got our own polling booth right here.

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Note: this is obviously a tongue-in-cheek poll, and we're not endorsing a candidate here. All the little tag-lines about each president were just the most science fictional thing we could find out about them by spending way too much time on Google news.

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Chris Braak

@bryantpaul: But Mike Huckabee will lead us directly to the future described in The Handmaid's Tale. Literally, right away. It's third on his political agenda, right after "Elminate the Establishment Clause," and "Toss Out the Mexicans."