Who Wins When Captain America Goes Up Against Batman and Superman?

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Just who would win in a fight between Captain America, Batman, and Superman? Before you answer, please note that this fight takes place entirely at the box office.


In response to the news this morning, that Captain America 3 and Batman Vs. Superman are projected to go head-to-head in theaters on May 6, 2016, a discussion began about just what the competition might mean:


The question of the day (or the next couple of years, I guess) is whether WB/DC and Marvel are willing to sacrifice a huge percentage of their films' overall gross over bragging rights regarding who "won" that weekend. Or that month.

It's a strange gamble. I suspect somebody will flinch and push the date (at least) three or four weeks in either direction. I suspect it will be Marvel, just because I think it's expecting maybe too much to get Cap 3 done and done well in such a quick turnaround from Age of Ultron.

Of course, a lot of that may also depend on whatever hype does or doesn't develop around Bats v. Supes. It is a pretty significant event, and if early buzz suggests that they're actually pulling it off, then I think that wins the weekend hands down. On the other hand, if early buzz suggests it's the mess a lot of people are predicting, then Marvel may feel that much more motivated to turn Cap 3 out on that schedule.


"Huge percentage?" That audience will see both within a week or two, and those types of films often have long legs, so no matter who "wins" the opening weekend, each film will make as much money as it was going to anyway.

If I were either studio, I wouldn't worry. Their total gross is safe (unless bad world of mouth ruins one of them), and the competition over a shared opening weekend is just gravy.


Of course, there's still two long years — full of production and promotion scheduling — that could make the whole question moot.

Still, tell us what you think. Do you have predictions for how it would go? How do you make your decision when two movies you want to see drop on the same day?

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stars in margins

I don't know, I think comic book fans and Marvel fans will see Cap, but the casual movie-goer might pick Batman v Superman just because it's more familiar realm, culturally speaking, and has already had buzz since last year. I'm just as curious to see how Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will fair as they come out a week apart (personally I hope GotG MURDERS the Michael Bay TMNT, but I think it's going to be the exact same contest between comic book fans and summer blockbuster fans).