Who Was Olivia Munn Originally Supposed To Play In Iron Man 2?

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We now know that Olivia Munn didn't nab Wasp or Scarlet Witch for Iron Man 2, but what role was the Attack of the Show! host initially slated to play? Director Jon Favreau has the answer. Spoilers on!


Munn, who portrays überobscure reporter Chess Roberts in IM2, was originally slated to play what sounds like a possible paramour of Tony Stark, or at least a party-goer caught up in a comedy-of-errors escapade with the rakish billionaire. According to Jon Favreau:

"She did a very funny comedic take on a girl that [Tony] was with at his birthday party," he explained. "She pops up again later in his bedroom. But the way the scene went down, that part of the movie didn't want to have comedy because it was starting to get a little bit serious and bump tonally. ... As a scene it was great, but when we put the whole movie together, that's one of the things that happens. It's happened to me many times as an actor, but we called her up and said, 'There's another thing that we're shooting now, we'd love to have you in the film.' "


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In any case, Munn's deleted scene will appear in the DVD extras for Iron Man 2. Favreau declined to name the character Munn portrayed, so we're still free to speculate. I'm just going to assume she played an attractive female version of Uatu The Watcher.

[MTV via Comic Book Movie]

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1. Who the fuck is Olivia Munn and

2. Why won't people stop fucking talking about her?

3. Are we really so bereft of interesting females in the nerdliverse that we have to constantly drool over whoever the hell she is for whatever the hell she does?

Christ. Why not something about Felicia Day? I've seen her actually do things and she's attractive, if you need to constantly update on attractive famous ladies.