Pop quiz time! An evil botanist from 1760 has time-traveled to the present and conspires to take over modernity with an army of mutant carrots. Who are you going to call? Benjamin "Poor Richard" Franklin and Napoleon Bonaparte, duh!

Such is the plot of the nutty 1951 comic short "Heroes Out Of Time!" from Mystery In Space 3. After the super-scientist couple of Anne Rell and Carr Davis use their time machine to summon a diabolical botanist from the 18th century, they find themselves trapped by a legion of monster taproots. What's their solution? Kidnap Ben Franklin and Napoleon from the past, arm them with weed killer, and bum rush the show! All those air baths have kept Franklin fortified and vivacious!


This story has pencils by Bob Oksner and was scripted by Manly Wade Wellman, who has the best name in comics, period. Read this ripping yarn over at Atomic Surgery.


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