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Who wants to see a beach covered in a million hermit crabs?

If you still bear painful childhood memories of returning from elementary school only to discover that your pet hermit crab was surreptitiously whisked away to Papa Jehoshaphat's Hermit Crab Corral three states away — which is, incidentally, staffed entirely by crustacean-loving orphans — the following footage may be too much for you.


At Nanny Point at St. John in the Virgin Islands, photographer Steve Simonsen captured this astounding scene of "millions and millions" of soldier crabs mid-migration. The sheer amount of shell and carapace on display here likely conceals a dozen hidden sunbathers petrified in fear.

[Via Presurfer]

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When I was six or seven my three hermit crabs suddenly disappeared from their habitat which, while uncovered, offered no obvious route of escape. My family and I searched all over the house, but we were unable to find them. About a week later I discovered them — still alive! — sitting inside a Rubbermaid bin full of Legos in a different room on a different floor. Twenty years later I'm still perplexed as hell about the whole ordeal.