After fans got a hold of a Last Airbender casting call demanding actors who were "Caucasian and any other ethnicities," the movie's producer, genre legend Frank Marshall was forced to respond, producing his own original casting calls.

A few weeks ago we posted this interview with The Last Airbender's director M. Night Shyamalan, where he talked at great length about many fans issues with the so-called "racebending" that was going on. Avatar fans were frustrated that Caucasian actors appeared to be courted, and were later cast, for many of the pivotal Asian and Inuit roles in Airbender.


A group of fans got hold of an original casting call for the movie, which called for "Caucasian and any other ethnicity" actors. And today, producer Frank Marshall put out a statement, in which he told UGO:

Marshall writes the he: "agree[s] that this casting notice was poorly worded and offensive. However, it was not written nor distributed by the production, or the studio, but by a local extra casting entity that did not consult with either. "Ultimately, we all take responsibility for not doing a more thorough job monitoring these frequently used third-party agents and Paramount has since been in regular dialogue with Asian American advocacy groups including the Japanese American Citizens League and the Media Action Network for Asian Americans to ensure that such a mistake does not happen in the future."

Marshall also provided the initial casting breakdowns "as they were first sent out." Which we included next to the casting call flier Racebending got a hold of....


To get a better look at both of the original casting call lists from Marshall go to UGO.


Illustration from Erikonil

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