Who (or What) Is the Scariest Horror-Movie Villain Ever?

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A really good horror movie will scare the crap out of you while you’re watching it. But a really great horror movie will haunt you for days, weeks, even years after ... especially if it has a particularly potent villain whose terrible actions and leering face you just can’t shake.

And really, the movie itself doesn’t have to be that amazing if there’s one character who really packs a horrifying punch. Poltergeist II: The Other Side is kind of a silly movie, what with its demonic tequila worm and iffy appropriation of “shaman” spirituality. But Julian Beck’s evil Rev. Henry Kane, who takes a supernaturally sinister interest in li’l Carol Anne Freeling ... is SERIOUSLY SO GODDAMN SCARY THAT FACE AND THAT SONG HE SINGS AAAAHHH!

Please contribute your own thoughts on who or what is the most alarmingly memorable horror-movie villain of all time. Who’s been lurking in your nightmares since you saw ’em on the big (or small) screen?

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I don’t know about “Horror” villains but I know who scared all of us.