Who Names The Watchmen?

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Wondering why the new trailer for Watchmen seems to include characters calling the superheroes "the Watchmen"? The original comic stayed away from the word, except for the ominous graffiti that gave the series its title, so is this more squidtastic evidence of the movie moving away from the source material, or just admen demanding that the title of the movie appear somewhere in the trailer?As those who've read the original series know, neither of the story's two superteams are actually called "the Watchmen" - There are the original Minutemen, and then the more modern Crimebusters - So why is someone in the trailer telling the audience that "the Watchmen are... over"? CHUD asked director Zack Snyder what was with the curious voiceovered appearance of the word:

The original [team] we called the Minutemen, as per the graphic novel. We never exactly say whether or not in the more modern version we call them the Watchmen/Crimebusters. We loosely called them Watchmen as more of a the symbolic name, more than anything else.


A symbolic name that just so happens to help newcomers to the story understand what's going on, so it's a win-win for all involved. Unless, of course, you're the kind of person who's still bothered by the idea that all of the Tales Of The Black Freighter cutaways won't be in the movie... Zack Snyder Explains Who These Watchmen Are [CHUD]

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they have to make sacrifices to the graphic novel for the uneducated movie goers who are only seeing the movie cause its looks kick ass

when i saw the mist on a friday night, i would have bet money that 90% of the audience never heard of stephen king.