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Who Is The Worst Fictional Scientist Ever?

Illustration for article titled Who Is The Worst Fictional Scientist Ever?

Improper pipetting procedure, a total lack of any sort of note-taking protocol, the failure to even attempt to get the proper clearance for human testing — we've seen all these travesties and more on-screen. Today, though, we want to know which fictional scientist is the very worst at their job?


Tell us who your pick is in the comments, what movie, series or book they appear in, and also a little about exactly how they're throwing body blows at the scientific method. Are they letting their irradiated spiders out for unsupervised walks in the lab? Letting hybrid dinosaur chimeras loose in parks? Generally messing around in God's domain?

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Ravenous Sophovore


It's an unknown species putting on what appears to be a threat display! As a biologist, I must now get as close as possible while sweet-talking to it. Apparently he did his doctorate work on the Steve Irwin method of animal wrangling.