Who Is The Greatest Sci Fi Writer?

According to the trailer for the comic version of The Stand premiered at Marvel's Ultimate Universe (Yes, it has nothing to do with the Ultimate Universe, I know; I wasn't the one who played it), Stephen King is "the greatest science fiction, fantasy and horror writer of our generation." Now, I'm tempted to give him the title of "Highest Selling Fantasy And Horror Writer of our Generation," but science fiction? Really? I'm not convinced that King deserves that title - Does The Tommyknockers really give him the edge into the SF genre? - but who does? Use and abuse the comments section below, people: I want to know.


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Stephan Zielinski

Wait a minute. Some fiends created a promotional trailer that overstates the cultural significance of someone's contributions? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?!

(Before I'd attempt to answer the nominal question, I'd want to know which generation we're talking about. "Our" generation could be any of twentysomething, fortysomething, or sixtysomething... or, for that matter, thirtysomething or fiftysomething. But it's not something I'm inclined to expend any effort to nail down in the first place— "Greatest Something of Our Generation" is a useful marketeering phrase in part because it sounds portentous, yet has a wildly ambiguous meaning. It's custom made for people whose approach to discourse is "Do not say anything that can be proved to be wrong— but other than that, go ahead and lie as need be.")