This brand new TV spot for Matthew Vaughn's mutant prequel X-Men: First Class reveals a fair bit of new footage. Including child Charles Xavier and a blue tyke Mystique. Plus, who is Erik Lehnsherr fighting? UPDATE: New clip added!

Spoilers below...


Hidden within the trailer is an interesting moment between Erik Lehnsherr and what appears to be his later incarnation, Magneto. We pulled a screengrab of what looks like actor Michael Fassbender fighting off the future version of himself (complete with infamous Magneto helmet). It also appears as if the two are fighting in some sort of hall of mirrors, which only adds fuel to the theory that Lehnsherr is indeed fighting himself (as so many anti-heroes are wont to do in a hall of mirrors).

And finally, you may be asking yourself, how is it that Mystique and baby Charles Xavier are the same age? Well, we're glad you asked. In the comic Raven Darkholme (Mystique) ages much more slowly than the rest of the characters, giving her the chance to have a long history with most of the mutants you know. This gives us great hope for Vaughn's movie, as it appears he's sticking to canon. X-Men: First Class will be in theaters June, 3 2011.

UPDATE: Yahoo just released this new clip!