Who has the best live-action Wonder Woman outfit? The Wonder Woman porn parody, obviously

Axel Braun, the auteur behind Asstronomical, Naughty College Schoolgirls 32-38, and most of Vivid's superhero porn parodies has just released the first entirely safe-for-work picture of Kimberly Kane as Wonder Woman from her upcoming porn flick, and holy god that is the best Wonder Woman outfit I've ever seen.

I'm not even kidding. It definitely blows that Adrianne Palicki's costume from that horrible David E. Kelley pilot out of the water. See?


Only one of them looks like a cheap costume that was bought off the rack at Walgreen's, and it ain't the one that's going to be taken off in five minutes so she can have sex with Steve Trevor.


So not only has the porn industry made Justice League and Wonder Woman movies before DC/Warner Bros., they're making ones that might very well look better than the real things. Assuming DC/WB ever gets their shit together long enough to make the non-porn versions. Which is frankly pretty unlikely. Maybe DC can just ask Braun to give them the non-fucking scenes from the porn, and they can pretend it's their WW flick?

[Via AIC]


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