Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam Must Share the Same Universe

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Space Jam, unquestionably the greatest cartoon/live-action hybrid movie about basketball ever made. To celebrate, we’ve decided to share this fan theory with you, which makes Space Jam an even cooler movie.

Because both films depict live-action and cartoon characters interacting—and because both films were successes, premiering only eight years apart—most people like to pit Space Jam and Who Framed Roger Rabbit against each other. I say that it’s pointless to do that since, as redditor HP_Wuvcraft pointed out, those films actually take place in the same universe.

Watch the video above for an extremely compelling argument about why this is true. It also explains why the Looney Tunes know how to get to the real world, and why they’d think to ask for help from a human with particular skills. That’s what their pal Roger did last time, after all. Doesn’t it make more sense now?


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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a very loose 1988 adaptation of Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, a 1981 novel wherein comic strip characters (i.e., Dick Tracy) are real.

Space Jam, however, is an advertisement made into a feature film.

Jordan and Bugs Bunny first met a few years earlier in 1992 when they teamed up to take on Marvin the Martian in a Nike commercial. They later met again in a Nike commercial called “Hare Jordan” that aired during the Super Bowl. It was during the making of these Nike commercials, Jordan also met director Joe Pytka who directed many ad spots for Nike & Gatorade with MJ and it was during this time that Jordan’s agent, David Falk, approached Warner Bros with the idea of expanding those popular commercials into a full-length family film/PR project that would makes lots of money and paint Jordan as a hero and savior that many basketball fans didn’t see Jordan as anymore.

So if these two movies are in the same universe than so is puppy monkey baby.