Who First Got You interested In Science?

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Who was the person who first sparked your interest in science? It could be someone from your own life, a fictional character with a penchant for the lab, or a scientist whose work caught your interest.

Tell us about the person, along with how he or she got you interested in science, in the comments now!

Image: NASA JPL.

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This guy. Cosmos was perfectly fine, but it wasn't really about science, it was about a science—astronomy. Connections was about science itself—the process by which discoveries are made. It covered not only biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology and other scientific fields but also history, engineering and anthropology. Its historical reenactment scenes were always pitch-perfect: not cheap and cheesy, not overblown and goofy, just simple, straightforward depictions to give you a sense of time and place. Cosmos could instill a love of astronomy, but Connections would give you a love of learning and discovery. A vastly better and more pedagogically ambitious series, and I'm deeply saddened that I appear to be the first person out of 59 posts to mention it. This is the show they should have remade.