Who Doesn't Want An Iron Man-Head DVD?

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Although The Dark Knight has made everyone forget about the summer's first big superhero movie, that'll only be the case until September 30th. That's beginning to look like the date when Iron Man will be available to own in a variety of formats... possibly including one that you may want to wear.


Video Business is reporting that, while not confirmed, the 9/30 date makes a lot of sense to Paramount and Marvel:

Anticipating an onslaught of blockbuster movies coming to shelves throughout the holidays, retailers believe Paramount is smart to release Iron Man early in the season.

"I think retail is delighted to have a wealth of product coming, but the concern is how the title releases will cannibalize the one prior," said one source. "Last year, Spider-Man [3] kicked off [the fourth quarter] at end of October. Now we're excited that Paramount is coming out early. They will have a couple of weeks to themselves. That's good for Iron Man."

Amazon is currently offering three different flavors of Iron Home Entertainment: A single-disc DVD, a 2-disc special edition, and a single Blu-Ray disc. If you're wondering what may be so special about the 2-disc version, how about the fact that the packaging looks like Iron Man's helmet? That's what an Australian DVD site is taking orders for, at least. Sure, it's no Roddy McDowell's ape head, but what is these days...?

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