Who Cracked Lena Headey's Head?

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She may have battled Terminators and helped to lead the Spartans, but it turns out that Lena Headey was a lot more fragile than any of us realized. This new poster for The Broken, a new horror thriller from the director of Cashback, is already annoying people. But the film itself sounds like it could be intriguing, judging from some clips.


In The Broken, Headey plays a radiologist who sees a woman who looks just like her, driving past in her car. From there on out, things get freaky: including the traditional blood dripping from the ceiling and weird apparitions. So what's the deal with the duplicate Lena? Is she a clone? A ghost? From an alternate timeline? It sounds like it's shrouded in mystery, even by the end of the movie. Says director Sean Ellis:

No, not at all. I didn’t want Broken to be a twisty plot, “guess the ending” kind of thing. It’s not structured that way. It’s structured like you experience it, whether you have a certain interpretation of it is fine because it’s open to that. It’s not locked down. There are a number of ways you can read the movie. And there is a conclusion, of course, but there are a number of ways you can look at this movie...

I think it’s a very confusing script to read. And I think that’s probably why it’s taken so long to get anyone to really trust me with the project. When you read the script you’re not really quite sure where you are. It’s a descriptive script. You know the world that it’s set in. You don’t necessarily know who’s good or bad, it’s ambiguous in that sense. It’s just the idea that somebody that you know or love has changed. Have they changed…or have they really changed? It’s like, “I don’t even know you anymore.” People say that, but what if that person you know isn’t really that person anymore? Does the same job, looks the same way, lives in the same house but is a completely different person. I thought that was an interesting concept for a movie. People say, “Oh, I saw someone that looks exactly like you.” But, what if you actually saw yourself? I thought that was a spooky idea and played it around that.


So for those of you who like movies that actually explain everything, this one may not be for you. But if you like crazy spookiness and lots of cute people taking baths or showers, you may like it.

Here's the international trailer:

And here's a scary shower scene (not work-safe):

And a couple more clips:


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Dr Emilio Lizardo

"...the traditional blood dripping from the ceiling..."

Note to self, decline invitation to Christmas dinner at CHarlie Jane's house.