The BBC are looking to persuade David Tennant to stay around as everyone's favorite timelord... by offering more than a million reasons to convince him. At least, that's what one British newspaper is saying, claiming that Tennant may be paid £1.5 million to appear in the fifth season of Doctor Who.

According to The Sun, Tennant is currently in discussions with the Beeb over his future with the show. Their anonymous source within the BBC is quoted as saying,

It will be a new team [behind the scenes] and David has to meet everyone to make a final decision. But we're gearing up to offer him a massive deal. He's interested. Everyone thought he was going, but it's not as open and shut as that.


The newspaper claims that Tennant had previously only agreed to make the four 2009 special episodes, but that any new deal for the fifth season would be signed by this fall, with production for the return of the regular series starting in late 2009.

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