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While many of the Doctor Who faithful are very concerned about this week's discovery of "The Doctor's Daughter," geeks at British site Digital Spy isn't phased at all. After all, they remember that the very first episode of the series way back in 1963 featured the Doctor's granddaughter, Susan...


The first companion on the show, Susan was the teenaged granddaughter of William Hartnell's first Doctor, serving as the spunky viewers-way-in to a world of time traveling aliens and meeting historical figures on a regular basis. Not that that kind of thing was easy, of course:

Over the course of several adventures through time and space, the thoughtful Susan encountered cavemen, Marco Polo, giant insects, the Ood-like Sensorites and the evil Voord. It's no surprise that the telepathic lass longed for the normality of Earth, as she was increasingly coming down with all kinds of ailments, being kidnapped or sentenced to be sacrificed. As you can tell, this was in the pre-Thatcher and Spice Girls days. Ultimately, it was to be a soppy romance that led to her forced departure from the Tardis.


Susan was the first regular cast member to leave the show, being abandoned - in a nice way - by the Doctor so that she could find true love with a guy who fights Daleks for a living. She made a short reappearance in 1983's anniversary "The Five Doctors" special, but may perhaps be due for another return now that we've apparently just met her mother...

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