Have Marvel's lawyers stepped in to avoid legal action over Mark Millar's new "What If Batman Was Evil?" comic Nemesis? Or is there another explanation behind the new banner covering up the previously-released preview image?


When Nemesis, the new comic from Wanted and Kick-Ass creator Millar was originally announced, we were treated to an image (above) from artist Steve McNiven that looked incredibly familiar to anyone who'd seen The Dark Knight - which made some sense, considering the high concept idea behind the series (Essentially, what if Batman was the Joker?), but also seemed like a good way to bait legal action from Batman's owners, Warner Bros. Perhaps that explains why, in the latest Marvel catalog, this appears:

In addition to the "Banned" banner, note the "Not Final Cover" text. Does this mean that the banner is just a publicity ploy, and the final cover will be the uncensored art, or that the cover will be a different image altogether? And what does "banned" mean, anyway? Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston blames DC Comics' legal department, but we're not entirely convinced. Other comics solicited in the Marvel catalog lacking final covers have used interior art as preview images, so it's not like there was no alternative to this option other than going without any picture. We're cynical about any "banning" going on, but we'll admit that it's an eyecatching way of promoting the book - and one that works, too.


Millar and McNiven's Nemesis launches in March. Unless, of course, it ends up being banned.

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