Are Marvel's X-Men next for an Avengers-style reboot? Ahead of the beginning of the mutant franchise's next big event, Second Coming, a new teaser image has prompted rumors of a major shake-up to come.


The image, released without comment from Marvel today, simply announces "We Are The X-Men," with accompanying blood on the logo suggesting some form of injury, if not outright death, for some members. With Marvel relaunching their successful Avengers franchise throughout May and June this year - the publisher announced a new series of New Avengers today, to accompany May's new series Avengers and Secret Avengers - does this vague teaser hint at a similar direction for the X-Men books? After all, for months, there have been rumors that both Cable and X-Force will be canceled following the conclusion of the Second Coming storyline; will the Avengers books see enough of a sales boost to convince the publisher to try the same trick a second time? And, if so, who will the X-Men be after such a shake-up?

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