White House Briefs Us On Vampire Situation

The White House press secretary dodges questions about a string of vampire-related murders, as humans struggle to play nice with our new vampire friends, in this new viral clip promoting HBO series True Blood. Thanks to the Japanese synthetic blood drink Tru Blood, vampires have come "out of the coffin" — and now the hard part begins. And this is just one of the bizarre pieces of viral marketing for True Blood — there are also some very weird synthetic blood ads.


The synthetic blood nourishment beverage Tru Blood is marketed like a beer with catch phrases like, "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Friends." The company offers many different "brands": Type O is strong to the point of ruthlessness, Type A is for the creative and has calming abilities, B (seems like the most standard) is strong and wild and Type AB is a smooth blend that promises to be very refreshing. More vampire virals at Blood Copy, an HBO True Blood site.

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