Whip up futuristic cocktails using dry ice and fireballs

This week on the io9 show, we explore the science of cocktails. Oh, who am I kidding? Basically, we get drunk and play with dry ice and fireballs — thanks to our special guest, 2012's bartender of the year, Russell Davis. He shows us how to make a Douglas Adams-inspired drink called "the big red button," and then we just basically light the entire studio on fire.


Also, we tell you all about our favorite drinks in science fiction — as well as giving you a quick backgrounder on the science of getting drunk. Want more? You can subscribe to every burning episode of the io9 show on YouTube.

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I don't drink and drive. I just ate a couple of panic buttons, but i drank nothing.... ;)

Also - you are just one "T" away from having Russell T. Davis is on the show and I don't hear one Dr. Who joke??? Tsk...