Last night's Clone Wars may not have looked promising from the teasers (Anakin loses R2 and whines about it! Oh no!), and perhaps that lack of interest was felt by the people behind the show, as well. How else to explain the sudden appearance of a distractingly non-John Williams-esque, Alias-like quasi-electronica soundtrack? Or, for that matter, the equally-sudden, but 100% more awesome, appearance of IG-88s as "assassin droids"?

There's no way around it; "Downfall Of A Droid" was pretty much a failure in nearly every way. We know that R2-D2 is in no danger thanks to his appearance in all of the movies that take place after the series, so it's hard to buy into any of the faux drama surrounding his disappearance, and Anakin's reaction - pitched somewhere between grief and guilt, I'd guess - is just as unconvincing; he just comes across as more of a dick than usual (The underperforming replacement droid, meant to show how wonderful R2 really is, also stretches credulity; he doesn't know how to switch engines on? Really?). No wonder the show's creators added their version of Star Wars Techno to the dramatic sequences; how else would we know when we're supposed to care?


And yet, it wasn't a full thirty minutes of fail this week - Although, by letting the story continue into next week's episode, we're headed into another asteroid field of fail next Friday; couldn't they have just found R2 at the end of this week's ep? -the unexpected appearance of two IG-88, jumping around and spinning heads and body parts all over to try and kill Anakin and Ahsoka (Ah, if only they'd been successful at the latter...) was a short burst of a lot of fun, and almost made up for the twenty-odd minutes of dull surrounding it. Here's hoping that next week's episode ramps up the action and down the fake droid danger.