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This Video Breaks Down The Fellowship of the Ring's Score, Reminds Us The Film Is Genius

Illustration for article titled This Video Breaks Down iThe Fellowship of the Ring/is Score, Reminds Us The Film Is Genius

Everyone loves Lord of the Rings—novels, films, whatever. But for all the visual spectacle and amazing acting that fills up J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic come-to-life, the music is simply a masterpiece.


The Fellowship of the Ring has long been my go-to soundtrack for any D&D session, and The Nerdwriter breaks the score apart and reveals exactly why composer Howard Shore is such a master of music.

The Nerdwriter goes through the entire first film in about 7 minutes, with brief asides to the other two films in the trilogy. That is to say that even this in-depth look at Fellowship’s music is probably only scratching the surface. The next time you watch LOTR, I bet the music will be even more amazing than in was before.


How about right now? C’mon, it’s Sunday. You’ve got some time to burn, right?

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While William’s work on Star Wars might be the most universally memorable scoring in the history of film, I will always maintain that Shore’s LotR scores are the absolute height of the craft. I genuinely can’t conceive of any way that what he accomplished over the span of the trilogy could possibly be improved upon.