Which Will Suck Less: Jumper or Knight Rider?

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This weekend pits the teleporting deadpannisms of Hayden Christensen in the movie Jumper vs. Val Kilmer's monotone as KITT in Sunday's Knight Rider TV movie. So which one will be less sucky? We've already weighed in with our Jumper review, and we've given you a look at some clips from Knight Rider. Will you be watching both, one or the other, or neither? Sound off in the poll below.


Weirdly, both properties involve Doug Liman, who directed Jumper and executive-produced Knight Rider. We just hope that in some parallel universe there's a kickass version of Knight Rider featuring Jamie Bell as the new driver, with Sam Jackson as the voice of KITT. So where do you stand?

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Chris Braak

@NefariousNewt: It would also be pretty funny if Morgan Freeman was the voice of KITT.

"KITT, we've got to catch that bad guy! Where are you going?"

"I'm tryin to take you to the store!"