Which Widescreen Action Hero Is Like Alice In Wonderland?

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's spoiler roundup is full of mysteries, like: Which huge action movie stars a character who's sort of like Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz? Also, an actor talks about how a crucial Watchmen plot point will translate to the movie, and another actor sheds some light on the most perplexing part of Terminator 4. There's a new clip from the dystopian goth movie Repo! The Genetic Opera and the new Knight Rider. And new pics from Life On Mars, Sarah Connor and True Blood may contain important clues. Tons of details about Lost season five are starting to leak out, including your chance to join the show's cast. And we have another batch of all-important but unsubstantiated Doctor Who rumors. And there are some new details on upcoming episodes of Chuck, Heroes, The Middleman and Stargate Atlantis. Venture down the rabbit hole into spoiler-land! Terminator 4: Still wondering what the deal is with Marcus, the mysterious character played by Sam Worthington in Terminator: Salvation? Maybe this will help. Worthington says Marcus is sort of like Alice from Alice In Wonderland, or Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz. "That's how I look at him,'' Worthington says. "He wakes up in this world he doesn't know and he goes searching to try and find answers and find his way home." [AdelaideNow] Watchmen: Not much of a spoiler if you've read the graphic novel, but in the Watchmen movie there's a brutal scene where the Comedian tries to rape the Silk Spectre, and is only stopped due to the intervention of another hero, Hooded Justice. This scene has to be in the movie because it sets up everything that happens later with the Silk Spectre, says actor Carla Gugino, including her retirement from crimefighting, her self-image as a sex-symbol, and her second, consensual sexual encounter with the Comedian later. [MTV] Repo! The Genetic Opera: Annoyed they're remaking Rocky Horror? Well, here's a new clip from a movie that wants to be Rocky Horror but isn't a remake. It features Anthony Stewart Head as the organ-repossession guy, and his angsty teen daughter Shilo.

Virtuality: Sci Fi Wire got to visit the sets for Ron Moore's new backdoor pilot about deep-space astronauts who escape into virtual reality, Virtuality. A few new tidbits: the crew wears gray uniforms that look like workout clothes, and underneath they have street wear, which mostly consists of T-shirts with the names of colleges on them. There's one main set, a space module, which can be redressed to be different places on the starship Phaeton, and it resembles a "mall common area" crossed with the International Space Station. And since the Phaeton astronauts are also starring in a reality TV show to help pay for their voyage, they're going to shoot some reality-ish "webisodes" at the same time as the TV movie/pilot. There's a lot of improv in their performances. [Sci Fi Wire] Sarah Connor Chronicles: I don't think we've reported this info before. Following the massacre of tons of his FBI agents (in that awesome Johnny Cash-laced swimming pool scene) Agent Ellison apparently leaves the FBI. He's no longer in the mode of searching for answers, instead he's looking for payback against the bastard who killed his people — but that's kind of a tall order, against a Terminator. Also, he takes a job working for Shirley Manson on her Babylon project, which is a name that could make a good Christian man like Ellison uncomfortable. Also, it looks as though the mobster Sarkasian attacks the Connor house soon after his car-bomb has blown up Cameron, at the start of season two. And promos and early promo images show what appears to be Sarkasian's dead body, so don't get too attached to him. [Firefox and Firefox]

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And here are some jazzy new promo pics. [SpoilerTV and GrrrlTV] Doctor Who: Blogtor Who has a summary of rumors about the 2009 Doctor Who specials, most of which I think we've covered before. Sea Devils, Brian Blessed, Paul McGann, The Master, Donna, Wilf, Doctor's Daughter — everybody's coming back, supposedly. One rumor we haven't mentioned before: a new "Children In Need" skit, featuring past Doctors Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. Grain of salt, as always. [Blogtor Who] Lost: Lost is having an unprecedented "open casting call" for anyone who wants to be in the show. In other words, they're not casting particular roles, just whoever shows up and wants to be an island person. (I'm assuming this isn't just extras.) What does it mean? Maybe the show is seeking a bunch of members of the Dharma Initiative, who are supposed to be a major part of season five. Also, a close look at "Jeremy Bentham"'s obituary reveals he had a son. Did Locke get lucky after he left the island? [Doc Arzt] Meanwhile, Lost isn't just having random casting calls — it's also specifically seeking an actor to play Dan, a high-priced attorney with a real menace lurking below the surface. It's speculated that Dan is Charles Widmore's dirty-deeds guy, who handles his alliance with Sun. [EW] And episode 2 of the new Lost season features two new characters: Nigel, a British kid in his late teens, who's smart and mature for his age, but a bit "rough around the edges." And Sophie, an aristocratic Brit, also in her late teens, who seems innocent and prim, but is really formidable underneath. [Spoilers Lost] The Middleman: Here's a brief synopsis for the Middleman's season finale, which airs Sept. 1: "The duo take on the evil Palindrome, a super-villain who kidnaps Wendy and transports her to a parallel universe." That would presumably be the parallel universe we showed you photos of a while back. [TV Rage] Life On Mars: Here are a few new set pics from the filming of the head-injury-time-travel cop show. [Crazy Days And Nights and Spoiler TV and OnLocationVacation] Chuck: Here's a new description for season two, episode nine of the nerd-spy show:

As Ellie and Awesome's wedding approaches, we finally meet Awesome's parents - Woody and Honey Woodcomb. They're both doctors and just as fit and athletic and awesome as, well, Awesome. Honey is over the moon about the wedding and wants to help Ellie plan it much to her…delight? After all, who wouldn't want to register for wedding gifts at the Buy More and call their in-laws "Mom" and "Dad"? Meanwhile, Casey's former sensei, now gone rogue, is involved with a weapons theft and Team Bartowski has to stop him using Casey's personal knowledge of the man. If Casey had feelings, he'd be furious over the man's treachery. If he had feelings, he be unleashing hell on his former mentor.


[ChuckTV] Heroes: It looks like Heroes will be delving more into the past of its mysterious character known only as the Haitian. At least, the show put out a call for two menacing Haitian militia men, who must speak French but may or may not have speaking roles. They'll appear in episode 11 of the new season. [Spoiler TV] Knight Rider: Remember how this version of KITT is sort of a Transformer? Oh good. Then here's a new video that shows KITT transforming into "attack mode." [Knight Rider Online]

Also, the sixth episode of the show will be called "I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night." (Not "All Knight"?) [SpoilerTV] Spooks: Code 9: Here are some new stills of the "Doctor's daughter," Georgia Moffett, from the third episode of Spooks: Code 9, the BBC show about pretty young people who become the thuggish (but cute!) secret police of a new post-apocalyptic Britain. [Blogtor Who] True Blood: Here's a new trailer for the vampires-and-synthetic blood epic on HBO. [Anna Paquin]

And here are some new promo stills of the cast. [True Blood] Stargate Atlantis: Gateworld has detailed descriptions of four upcoming SGA episodes. In "The Shrine," Sheppard, McKay, Teyla and Ronon are searching for a missing research team, when they find themselves in a flooded valley with only the top of the gate visible. They hang on for dear life waiting for a puddle-jumper to rescue them. But flying back to Atlantis, McKay becomes ill and it turns out he has a brain parasite that can't be removed, which is causing to forget everything and regress to boyhood. Keller summons McKay's sister to be with him, but it's too late — he no longer recognizes anyone. Ronon suggests a desperate measure: a shrine on the planet Talus could grant McKay one last day of being himself, before he dies. And in "Whispers," Dr. Beckett goes with Sheppard to investigate one of Michael's labs, where they find evidence that Michael was experimenting on the genetic characteristics of various life forms. Sheppard takes a team to explore a nearby village, which appears to be abandoned. Except that the chilling walls of fog, and flashes of movement, suggest they're not alone there. In "The Queen," Dr. Keller believes she's found a way to cure the Wraith of their need to feed on humans, thanks to Michael's genetic research. But she needs some Wraith as test subjects. The Atlantis team approaches Todd, a Wraith, with this proposition, but he says they must first win the support of the Wraith Queen. Teyla has to go under cover, relying on her Wraith DNA and an ally with a hidden agenda. And in "The Tracker," Jewel Staite's Keller is — gasp! — captured and tied up in the forest. She's treating a child in a village and tells Ronon and McKay to wait for her in the nearby tavern. But then she goes missing, and both men search for her, with McKay also calling for help. When four hunter Wraith turn up, Ronon suspects it's linked to Keller's disappearance since the hunters exist to chase Runners. Ronon must rely on his own Runner skills if he's to find Keller. [Gateworld]

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