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The ultimate weapon is like the Final Boss — it's supposed to be just unstoppable and monumental in its awesomeness. But sometimes, you get to the ultimate weapon... and it's not that tough. Which super-incredible weapon of universal destruction turned out to be way, way too easy to knock out?


Please include a picture, clip, book cover, comics panel or other image for your too-easily-destroyed superweapon. And please mention the name of the weapon, where it appears, and why it was too easy to take out. Thanks!

Top image: The Death Star II from Return of the Jedi. Basically a do-over of the first movie's climactic scene, except that the Empire sets a foolish trap for the Rebels, which allows the Rebels to get close to the Death Star, which isn't completed and is thus vulnerable... once the Ewok Uprising has taken down the deflector shield, that is. The first Death Star actually felt tougher, despite the lack of two huge battle fleets.

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