Which type of dinosaur meat would be the tastiest?

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If the Jurassic Park bar and grill started serving up some of their cloned dinosaurs for dinner, which ones would go on the menu and which ones would be safe from human consumption? PopSci asked Montana State University paleontologist David Varricchio to weigh in on which dinos would be especially delicious and whether you'd really want to eat Tyrannosaurus Rex.


According to Varricchio, Ornithomimosaurs, therapod dinosaurs that resembled ostriches, would be one of the tastiest meats for modern consumers. Ornithomimosaurs were probably warm-blooded and had feathers like birds, but their massive hind legs were built for distance running. Those legs probably operated on the slow-twitch muscles rather than fast-twitch muscles, making them taste a bit more like cow than chicken:

"About 80 percent of the ornithomimids were hindquarters, and they were really well-suited for running," Varricchio says. "I've also done a little work on their bone histology and it's safe to say they're relatively fast-growing. I think it would be a lean, slightly wild-tasting red meat."

It's also significant that these dinosaurs were likely plant eaters. Most therapods were carnivorous, and the animal fat they consumed would have given them a gamier flavor. Read the whole article at PopSci for Varricchio's take on why the tails of armored dinosaurs would be a delicacy, and why you should keep your teeth away from T-Rex meat.

FYI: What Kind Of Dinosaur Meat Would Taste Best? [PopSci via Neatorama]



I wonder if most people would want dinosaur meat to be served in the shape it was in or produced in a way that's unrecognizable.

Personally I'm all for the comically sized rib and other parts.