Illustration for article titled Which TV Or Movie Adaptation Made You Ashamed To Be A Fan Of Something?

We all know that movie and TV versions of books, comics and games don’t always capture what’s truly great about them. But sometimes, they do something far worse. Which movie or TV version of a beloved story was so awful, it actually made you embarrassed to admit in public you were a fan?


Please include a picture, poster, clip, book cover, comics panel, piece of promotional artwork or other visual representation of the original work, or the dreadful thing it became. And please mention the name, why the adaptation was especially problematic, and why it was hard to explain to people that you liked the superior original book, and not the awful movie/TV version. Thanks!

Top image: Vampire Academy. The first book by Richelle Mead is so great, all they had to do was capture its greatness on screen. Instead of whatever the heck it was that they actually did.

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