Which TV Episode Does Everybody Seem To Love Except For You?

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Everybody knows that loving or hating a particular TV show is a matter of intensely personal taste — but sometimes, this includes individual episodes. Everybody else might think one episode is genius, and you just can't understand why. But what's the most overrated single episode of a TV show, in your book?


Please include a picture, clip, or other visual representation for your chosen episode. And please mention the name of the show, the episode title (or a good description), and why you just can't get why other people love it so much. Thanks!

Top image: Doctor Who, "The Doctor's Daughter." I just... don't get it. She's not really his daughter in any meaningful sense, she's more like an imperfect clone. And she's way too perky, and her main character arc is learning to be less of a brainwashed soldier. I just don't understand why people love her, or her episode, so much.

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Oh Oh. I have two, both Star Trek TNG.

The Inner Light:

And Darmok:

The first because the story and the technology didn't seem to make any sense, although I will admit that it is a touching story. And the second (and I know I am not alone on this one) because the whole premise of the language made no fucking sense.