Which Trend Was the Worst Thing to Happen to Genre Movies?

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It’s time to get up on your soapboxes, film fans. Which trend past or present is the absolute worst thing ever to happen to genre movies?


Is it Hollywood’s obsession with superhero origin stories? Its decision to make every new action movie three hours long and in 3D? Its unstoppable fondness for remaking (or “rebooting”) horror films that were already pretty damn great? Or some unholy combination of the above ... as with 2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3D?

We want to know! Please include an image or gif that encapsulates the trend that you believe has done the most harm to genre movies.

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The Martin-ing of genre is pissing me the eff off.

We’ve replaced thoughtful world building with GRITTY DARK! We’ve replaced character development with GRITTY DARK! We’ve exchanged moving moments in plot with shock and horror and titillation over GRITTY DARK! We’ve replaced emotional investment with “don’t get too attached, anyone can die! You know why? Because it’s GRITTY! And DARK!”