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Which Terrible Character Had All The Ingredients Of Greatness?

Illustration for article titled Which Terrible Character Had All The Ingredients Of Greatness?

Sometimes, a character fails because they're just not a good idea... but sometimes, a character is a great idea, and they just fail to achieve any of their potential. Which character had all of the ingredients for greatness, but just completely failed to activate them?


Please include a picture or clip showing your chosen character. And please mention his/her name, and what possible makings of greatness failed to come together.

Top image: Jubilee wallpaper, art by Dustin Weaver. She's a homeless Asian-American teenager with the power to detonate matter at the atomic level, and she's besties with Wolverine. She really should have been great.

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James Whitbrook

I wouldn't say she's terrible, but I really hope we get more out of Clara in Series 8. Jenna is great, and her chemistry with Matt was fantastic (hopefully it'll be just as strong with Capaldi), but focusing on the Impossible Girl arc was a mistake - it was a bit undercooked and we got hardly anything else from her thanks to 7B being a shorter run.

For now, I wish we'd had Oswin or Governess Clara instead of the modern day one. She still needs to 'prove' herself, or at least be allowed to be a companion instead of a plot device.