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Over at Popular Mechanics, there's a maniacally detailed comparison of every Terminator from all the movies and the new TV show — including helpful information on how to defeat them. Writer Erik Sofge even gives you information on how each Terminator was made, and speculates about its level of A.I. So which Terminator comes out on top?


Sofge writes:

The T-X [from Terminator 3] could, in theory, take over all of the others—and that's it, fight's over. Or it could assume control of the T-1000, which, so long as the cage match isn't happening in a foundry or near an active volcano, would get knocked down a lot, but like a robot Hulk Hogan (or possibly Hollywood Hogan, his later, evil incarnation) always, always get back up. Without firing a single shot or throwing a single punch, the T-X would become mistress and commander of its Terminator opposition, either by assimilating the competition, or having its shapeshifting champion clean house.

But if a single suicidal T-850 shows up, the T-X's party is over. With an overloaded fuel cell constantly up every T-850's sleeve, the question becomes, Can a T-1000 survive that sort of devastation?

Well, you'll have to read the rest of the article to find out.

See how the Terminators measure up at Popular Mechanics.


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