Fantasy and science fiction stories are full of people who have incredible powers — and yet, they’re not just ruling over the rest of humanity, or luxuriating in untold wealth and luxury. Which superpower would make someone basically an unstoppable ubermensch if you took it to its logical conclusion?

Please include a picture, poster, clip, book cover, piece of artwork, or other visual representation of the superpower you’re talking about. And please mention what it is, and why it would basically make anyone the ruler of the entire world. Thanks!

Top image: Vampire mind control. Especially as it’s depicted in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, it basically can get you anything you want — as long as the subject hasn’t drunk vervaine recently. If I was a vampire with this power, I would compel hundreds of thousands of humans to spy for me and put my needs ahead of their own, until nobody could ever screw with me, ever.

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