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Which Superhuman Should Quit Angsting And Just Enjoy Their Powers?

Illustration for article titled Which Superhuman Should Quit Angsting And Just Enjoy Their Powers?

Most of us would probably kill to be able to shrug off a gunshot wound, or jump over a skyscraper, or read people's minds. You know who doesn't enjoy superpowers? Most people who have them, these days. Who's the superhuman character who's most in need of lightening up and counting their super-blessings?


Please include a picture or clip or comics panel, representing this superhuman mope. And please mention their name, and why they ought to enjoy having godlike powers a bit more. Thanks!

Top image: Wolverine, the best he is at what he does. Which unfortunately is not "Seeing the bright side of being immortal and indestructible."

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Can I say "all of them?" I really want to say "all of them." This trope drives me nuts, as much as I love many works that include it. But in the spirit of these posts, I'll throw out one in particular.

Jeez Buffy, I know being in charge of saving the world from vampires is a big burden, but could ya stop wishing to be "normal?" Normal is boring. Who wants normal? I can see wanting to take a break from constantly having to slay vampires every once in a while and just wanting to use super-strength to be really good at sports, but enough with the wishing to be normal!

For a long time I've wanted to write a novel about someone who stumbles onto a hidden supernatural world, discovers she has superpowers, and just says "this is SO AWESOME!!!!" Sure, she'll encounter some rough situations and sometimes ponder going back to doing something more boring, but never for more than an evening and five drinks. I'm not much of a writer, unfortunately.