Which superhero from Joss Whedon's Avengers will cameo in Thor?

One of the best parts of Marvel's superhero movie franchise is searching for the next super shout-out or cameo. Nick Fury was introduced in Iron Man, and Thor in the sequel. So, which superhero is in Thor? Spoilers ahead...

The Wrap is reporting a rumor that Jeremy Renner's character, the Avenger Hawkeye, will be Thor's big cameo. Huge surprise? Not particularly — Renner alluded to this possibility to Empire Magazine... then retracted that statement to Movieline a month later.


Now The Wrap is confirming these long held suspicions via an anonymous source, who has already seen an early cut of the the film.

We can see why Marvel would want to utilize the dashingly handsome Renner any way they can. Plus, Hawkeye's a lesser-known character (much like Fury), and it might help to lay the groundwork for the Avengers film, for mainstream audiences, to plant a bit more character framework earlier in the saga.

Still we won't know for sure, until Thor hits theaters May 6th, 2011.

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