Which summer movie will be this year's huge flop?

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It happens almost every year: a movie comes out with a big budget and hot talent attached to it... and it fizzles horribly. Case in point: Speed Racer had a reported $120 million budget and made only $44 million domestically.


Actually, we quite liked Speed Racer, which had a lot of heart and a genuine love of anime and other pop culture. But regardless of whether Speed Racer deserved its fate, it was a cautionary example: a big summer movie that tanked. And with more massive films coming out this summer than any year since 2008, there will be casualties.


Which big-budget summer film is going to share Speed and Chim Chim's terrible fate this summer?

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Poll's not working for some reason for me (firefox 4) but I have to vote for Cowboys & Aliens..

The Title of the movie plays a big role in the minds of the masses... remember the mother F#%&ing snakes on a plane?