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It’s almost summer movie season — which means it’s time, once again, for our annual poll. Which of this summer’s big tentpole movies will lose the most money? Make your predictions now!


Note: This year, we’re simplifying this poll somewhat. In previous years, we asked you which movie would be the biggest “surprise” flop — which required you to predict that a movie would flop, and that it would be a surprise if this happened. That was too many layers to parse.

So this year, it’s just “biggest flop,” period — and you can define that one of two ways: 1) losing the most money, based on reported production budget and your expectations for box office. Or, 2) losing money, when it was expected to make money. For example, Amazing Spider-Man 2 only lost a small amount of money, based on Sony’s reported break-even point, but it still looks like a huge flop at this point because how do you lose money with a Spider-Man movie? We leave it up to you which of those standards to employ.


So here goes — at the end of August, we’ll look back at how well you did.

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