Which Sequel Threw Out The Best Part Of The Previous Story's Ending?

The most powerful ending is often the one that closes the story with a resounding bang. An ending that lets you know that things have changed. But those are also the hardest to continue, and some people don't even try. Which sequel completely abandoned the best part of the previous installment's ending?

Please include a picture, clip, poster, piece of artwork, book cover, comics panel or other visual representation of the sequel that retconned or ignored the ending of the previous work. And please mention the name of the story, and what it changed about the previous story's ending. Thanks!


Top image: Men in Black ended with a great new status quo. Agent K has retired and had his memory wiped, and now Agent J has a brand new partner — who happens to be a Woman in Black. She's earned this over the course of the film, and it's a great way of bringing things full circle. And then Men in Black 2... threw this completely out the window.

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