Which science fiction TV show do you wish you could personally reboot?

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The history of science fiction television is full of shows that have a lot of wonderful stuff... but you just know they could be even more awesome if someone seized their raw potential with both hands. Which classic TV show do you wish you could personally make a new version of?


As always, please include a picture — along with your explanation of just how you'd reimagine your chosen show. Thanks!

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I've had a great idea for this one for years. I wouldn't do a straight reboot however. Rather, I'd do a sequel show set in the mid 2010's, roughly 25 years after the New Comers landed. The show would be a social drama, with strains of The Wire or a Sorkin show. None of the original cast would be required (though if some reprised their roles, it'd be cool).

About a generation has passed since the New Comers arrived on Earth and they now firmly have their place in society. There are a few New Comer celebrities and low level politicians (city council members etc.). It's clear that they're here to stay, but the long term nature of cultural assimilation would be one of the key questions of the show. While there would be an ensemble cast, there would be three characters the show would focus the most on.

1- The first New Comer to run for mayor of Los Angeles, the highest office a New Comer has ever run for. His campaign would be a prominent arc of the first season. We'd see just what he's up against: legitimate questions of competence and subtly racist criticisms that he's not human enough for the job would mix together. Old conflicts would come back to haunt him. In short, it'd be the dirty, cutthroat scene that local politics always is. And if he's elected mayor on the season 1 finale, just imagine where the stories could go from there.

2- A New Comer who has converted to an earth religion, most likely some kind of Protestant Christianity. Now we see assimilation from another angle. This character is embraced by his new church community, but other New Comers look a bit askance at him, and he's often at the receiving end of subtle digs that he's gone too native. Meanwhile, how might other, more "traditional" churches feel about one church taking in a New Comer. Some might think it's a good thing, while others might protest it (shades of Westboro Baptist Church or the Episcopalian split over gay marriage). There's a goldmine of stories here. His story thread would be an examination of faith, both what it means to an individual and its role in the public sphere.

3- The first New Comer-Human hybrid. Born in the early 2000's, she'd be in her early teens. Her father would be human, her mother New Comer (Max and Cathy perhaps???) because the drama of the clash between patriarchal human and matriarchal New Comer societies is too good to pass up. You thought your teen years were awkward? Imagine being the first of your kind. She's caught between two worlds that are on the path to merging, but not yet fully integrated. She's a curiosity to the world, in some eyes a minor celebrity, in some eyes a freak. She's under constant observation by doctors, as hers is the first immune system of its kind in the world (could the common cold kill her? Could she get drunk on milk AND alcohol). And while she lives with the larger context of human culture, her mother worries about how much of her own tanchtonese culture she'll pass on. And how might other New Comers view the hybrid?

In short, no matter how normal a life her parents make for her, she lives in a fishbowl. Add to that the normal pressures a teen age girl experiences growing up (Am I pretty enough? Will I get good grades? Does he like me? What will I be when I grow up?) and you have not only a great character arc, but the character arc that would be the beating heart of the show. She's the living symbol of integration and the path she follows presages the path of the future of New Comers and humanity.

So there it is. I really think there's room for a great drama in the Alien Nation mythos, and it doesn't take a wild reimagining of the scenario, just the following of the original one out to its logical outcomes. There are so many timely issues that could be explored with this show, and be explored in depth over the course of whole seasons, not just "message" episodes. So yeah, call me, Fox! There's more!