Which Parallel World Deserves Its Own Novel?

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We're sick of alternate-history novels about the Nazis winning World War II or the South winning the Civil War. When you can alter all kinds of historical moments in fiction, why stick to the same meat and potatoes all the time? (We're waiting for the novel where the South fights Iron Man in the Civil War.) Vote below for the altered timeline that deserves its own novel.



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papercup mixmaster

I think Cortes not believing Cortes was Quetzalcoatl might be the most impressive of the choices given. That would have changed the entire flow of European empirialism. Certainly not prevented it, but altered it drastically. Spain not having the incredible influx of wealth from the Americas that it had (or even not gaining it until later) would have re-ordered Europe and from there all the other powers' interaction with the world. Not having to face off against the Spanish Armada, Britain's resources are funnelled in wholly different directions...the impact is profound and widespread.

Of suggestions not offered above, I would like to see an alternate US history where a different series of presidents upheld treaties with the Six Nations and Cherokee allowing them to develop as sovereign states.