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Which Of Today's Technologies Will Most Mystify Future Generations?

Illustration for article titled Which Of Todays Technologies Will Most Mystify Future Generations?

When new technologies come out they can be awe-inspiring, and then a few generations go by and yesterday's shiny new toy is today's stunning inconvenience. Today we want to know about the technologies that will most make future generations go: "Really?"


It might be something that will puzzle archaeologists thousands of years from now. Or it could just be whatever piece of outdated tech is going to make your great grandchildren muse about how terrible everything used to be back in the old days. Tell us in the comments now about the item that you think will most make the people of the future look back at us with pity and a bit of incredulity.

Image: Back To The Future, (Updated pizza delivery).

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Not quite technology, but I think future generations will look back at smoking as a bizarre ancient ritual. "They breathed addictive, poisonous smoke into their lungs on purpose and claimed it was enjoyable. What a bunch of weirdos." And I say this as someone who used to a be a light smoker.